Events like CCAP’s upcoming cycling criterium bring excitement and a new dimension to center-city life. This was self-evident last September when the city hosted the first-ever New Haven Grand Prix, when thousands of people lined the course to watch and cheer for bicyclists as they raced through the ...Read More

Mayor Toni N. Harp

The New Haven Grand Prix brought great energy to Downtown New Haven and increased activation to the neighborhood.

Commuting by bicycle is increasing in the Elm City and the Grand Prix highlights the best of cycling and embraces the growing bicycle community in New Haven. Downtown New Haven ...Read More

Win Davis
Executive Director
Town Green District

The New Haven Grand Prix is a dynamic event that introduces racers, their friends and family to the full spectrum of activities available in Greater New Haven.

Local spectators enjoyed the events as well, lining the streets in enthusiastic support of the racers. Restaurants and bars joined ...Read More

Barbara Malmberg
Director of Marketing
Visit New Haven