The Connecticut Mechanics State Championship

Presented by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and The Connecticut Cycling Advancement Program

This unorthodox event will provide the unsung heroes of the cycling-world with an opportunity to come out of the grease-work and claim their local stomping ground. This is a fun-filled event that will test the best mechanics through rigorous rounds of excitement and elimination. Cycling mechanics are the hub to any successful cycling team, yet they never receive any of the credit. The times have changed. Let the cowbells ring, as we’re off to crown the nutmeg states next best cycling mechanic! As the winner you will receive the 2017 Connecticut Mechanics State Champion trophy, free access to Sierra Nevada's Beer Garden, and of course, some bragging rights.

Additional Information: The Rounds

  • 1st Round: The Flatland. Replace the flat tire on your bike
  • 2ndRound: The Mixer. Remove, Shuffle, and Replace the Cassette on your bike
  • 3rd Round*: Picking up the Slack. Replace the broken chain on your bike

*The 3rd round is the last and final round. The first mechanic to successfully finish this round will be crowned champion. (The first two rounds will act as elimination rounds in which the slowest timed mechanics will be ELIMINATED)

Event Time and Location: 7:00 p.m. on September 15, 2017. On the New Haven Town Green inside the NHGP race course.

Rules and Regulations: Click here

To register: Visit the New Haven Grand Prix BikeReg page.

Registration fee is $25/mechanic. All proceeds benefit the CCAP.